I believe in your awesomeness!!

Here it is, I can’t believe this is happening!

Actually, I am not surprised at what’s going on in my life.  After praying, “God I will seek your plan and say yes no matter what it looks like” so many cool things have taken place.  As we act in obedience to what He calls us to do it allows our faith to grow which then enables Him to work more in our life!

I am going to share with you one aspect that I have seen this to be true.  I have had a reoccurring idea for 10 plus years now about starting a company.  I do have an entrepreneur spirit so this does not surprise me.  The particular thought behind the company has always been the basic idea of t-shirt design and promotion.

now hiring!

I am very excited to announce that we are looking for help!  We are in the start up phase of a new business and seeking the right person to join the Captshayne crew to assist in this adventure.  Below there are a few skills and personal qualities listed that will play an important role in making the decision regarding the right person for the job.


The first 5k was so much fun the Captshayne.blog crew has decided to make another couple of events before summertime gets here.  We have two walks on the schedule for you to choose from or you can be super awesome and do both with us.

April 22, 2017 we will be in Houston at Mason Park for the Freedom Fest & Houston Human Trafficking 5k.  This is a serious issue that must be stopped so please, pretty please join us in supporting this organization.  We have setup a Captshayne.blog team so check it out, sign up, donate some money for a great cause and tell all your friends so we can show up in full force.  Follow the link HERE for more info  I have signed up for the 5k walk, the site is good about giving you the details needed, just follow the instructions.


On April 29, 2017 we will Out Run Hunger at Moody Gardens in Galveston!  This 5k/10k walk/run will support the Galveston Food Bank and their mission to ensure adequate nutrition for everyone.  Again I have signed up for the 5k walk, follow the link for details and sign up.  


I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining us in supporting these great organizations and their missions to make the world a better place.  We will get to spend time together, enjoy some good exercise and make connections that allow us to become better members of our society. We are suppose to encourage one another daily so this is me encouraging you to make a difference in someone’s life.  If you have any questions please let me know, I’ll be happy to help.  Also please share this with your friends so we can have a greater impact and have more fun.. ya know the saying “the more the merrier!”


5k kickoff… a picture story!

What a great day!  The Captshayne.blog crew met in Houston for Living Water International’s first annual World Water Day 5k to kickoff my pilgrimage.  I was joined by family and friends at the event along with virtual walkers and prayer warriors at home. The amount of support, encouragement and inspiration that has been given to me so far is definitely Heaven sent!   Upon reflection of the past month I have been humbled and truly realize how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Anyways enough about me.. lets get to the goods!  I’m going to let the pictures tell the story and see how that goes, after all it is my blog and I determine what it looks like 🙂

this is “why”… here we go!!!

This is to answer some questions that I have been asked about why I’ve decided to walk.

My walk will probably be best described as a pilgrimage, a personal journey for me to discover  what it looks like to “love your neighbor as yourself”.  I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives behind what I am doing, merely a desire to seek a more meaningful life for myself and encourage others to do the same.   I do not want to call this a religious journey because unfortunately that immediately sends bad vibes and that’s not what I’m looking for, this is an exploration of love.  As I’ve stated before I am not interested in a theological debate on who has it all figured out because I certainly do not!  We all share this life and the world we live in so let’s do our best to encourage and respect one another.

This is not a march; it is not political or religious.  This has nothing to do with a race or gender movement, we are all human beings and everyone matters!

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about what it is. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone.. one step at a time

I have decided to do some walking.  I’ll be walking in hopes to start conversations with people about what they are passionate about, what injustices they are opposed to and how they can be inspired to take action.

This is part of my personal journey to learn how to creatively love my neighbor as myself, so we can call it a pilgrimage if we have to call it anything.  The long term goal is to walk across the entire state of Texas but I’ll start a bit smaller.  That being said (crazy right?!?) the support and encouragement I’ve already received has been a pleasant blend of humility and excitement!

Refreshed… Welcome to our Zion!

I have been going to church in Freeport for about the last year or so. My attendance isn’t as good as I’d like but I’m still all over the place and make it as much as possible.  This is the first church that there has been a desire for me to attend faithfully in some time.  The Pastor shares a message that is powerful, convicting and encouraging.  It’s a very diverse group of people with real struggles but all share the Hopeful Inspiration of Jesus which I find very refreshing.  I wrote the following poem one day during the service.

Don’t buy your groceries from the auto-parts store!

Self-reflection is necessary for many reasons. It helps us to see our habits, interests and personality traits but most importantly it can provide momentum for growth. If you were to look at the pictures in my gallery you’ll find there is a passion for sunrises and sunsets, I love flowers, will take plenty of shots to get the right image of a dish that has been cooked or prepared. There are also a lot of people pictures, on or off a boat, maybe holding fish! Regardless of the image it’s obvious that I’m passionate about pictures.


This was on her bucket list of things to do while battling cancer!

There is also a passion that dwells deep within my soul to help other people.
That manifests itself in several different ways.


So a friend ask me today if I’d ever heard of a book called LOVE DOES by Bob Goff.  My response was YAAAAAHHH lol. She proceeded to tell me that I came to her mind regarding the way I live my life when she thought about the book.  I have actually read it several times and try to keep a copy or two to give away because it is that good.  Its very well written, easy to read, encouraging and most important leaves me with the desire to be  better person.  Very high on my recommended reading list, check it out here LOVE DOES