believe me.. I get it

This one comes from the deepest part of my being.

Sometimes life just sucks… It’s a plain and simple fact that is so deep, dark and complex.

I know that most everyone of you will agree to some point so follow me here and lets talk about it for a few.

I have personally fought the battle to overcome depression for more than two thirds of my life.

At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with PTSD after watching my mother and sister die in a horrific car accident. Three years later I was hit by a drunk driver, barely escaping the fiery crash I was the only survivor. Two years after that, through my own stupidity and carelessness, I was life flighted from a motorcycle wreck with 2 broken legs and neck. After regaining conciseness several days later the doctors told me I’d never walk again.

All of this before the age of 18. Throw in watching my parents go through an ugly divorce as a child, brokenness was pretty much all I knew.

That is part of my story and I share it not looking for self pity but so maybe you’ll understand me that when I say “I get it” I truly get it.

We all have our unique dark moments in life, no two are the same so I am not claiming to know exactly what you may be going through but from the bottom of my heart I am empathetic because I do understand what its like to face darkness.

In our society, especially here in America, brokenness is not something that is usually talked about, even our churches are filled with hypocrites dressed for their Sunday best. The fact though is that we are all broken in some shape or form. We all have issues, some that we might not want to talk about.

I refer to it as my journey because for me that’s what it is, it is not something that happened overnight or that will be gone when I wake up one random morning. I have spent years exploring different ways to deal with it, sometimes it feels like I’m making progress, other times I would prefer to crawl in a hole and hide.

Again, I am not telling you this because I want or need your sympathy. I am writing this for those of you that need to hear it, to know that you are not alone.

You are not the only one that faces darkness so please don’t face it by yourself.

As we approach the holidays it’s especially easy to withdraw, on the outside we’re putting on a really good front but on the inside its turmoil, all kinds of feelings that have no place in our life.

So here’s what I am going to suggest. Lets talk about it! Jesus said that darkness cannot overcome the Light. Lets be more proactive in talking about it and bringing it into the light. Open up and expose ourselves, our hurts, our pain, our tragedies, our vulnerabilities.

If that is not where you are in your journey that is okay, maybe you just listen to someone that needs to open up because you can truly empathize with the pain. When the time is right for you to open up you’ll know.

What a relief it is to share. What a relief it is to listen. Both have roles in the healing process.

If you need someone PLEASE know that I am your friend.

I don’t care if we’ve never even met, I will gladly listen to you and offer any encouragement I can. If you’re lonely and need someone lets share a meal together, I’ll even do the cooking and cleaning! Just know that you are not alone and it’s not worth suffering a minute longer.

Send me a message. Give me a call. Reach out to whoever is on your heart. Whatever you do just realize there is no need to sit in the darkness any longer and you don’t have to face it alone.

You are AMAZING and you can Overcome this!!! Last but not least you have a friend in Texas praying for ya 🙂

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  1. An amazing testimony my friend. Looking forward to spending more time sharing our Creators words. Amen Brother.
    Captn Pete Manuel.

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