Quick look at summertime 2018 in Freeport TX

Well here we are in full swing with a GREAT summer so far!  I like to call it productive instead of busy, makes me fell better about how much I have going on!  I haven’t posted lately so I thought I’d take advantage of the insomnia that’s kicking in right now (at 3am) and share some of my favorite pictures with you.

I’ve had some really cool opportunities come up and some exciting personal spiritual growth as well.  I’m still fully committed to making myself available to what God has in store for me and will continue to say yes to the natural flow of life.

I believe that God’s plan for me is way cooler than what I could ever dream,  I’m so Thankful and Blessed to have supportive and creative people in my life!


So I make a conscious decision to live each day to its fullest knowing that its a gift from God!

I am spread pretty thin working on several boats but have managed to keep most everyone happy!  I am also learning to say no, its more important to me that I maintain the quality of work that I’ve grown to take pride in rather than have a list of jobs I can’t get to.

With that being said I am spending alot of time offshore on some really cool boats!


The 45 Cabo “Royalties” is still my primary job.  I told the owner that the only way he was getting rid of me was to fire me or sell the boat.  He said NEITHER 🙂 WIN!!!


Here she is out of the water getting some LOVE!

I am getting more calls about charter fishing daily.  Again I am trying to figure out what that looks like so thank you all for your patience.

You’ll often hear me say life is better with friends, especially those that like to fish!!! 

I am running a few different charter boats on the side to fill the demand.  All the boats are owned by friends so when you call not only are you going fishing with your Favorite Capt you’re also supporting local business owners here in Freeport, TX. ANOTHER WIN!!


The SPEARCAT is a 32 Twin Vee powered by a pair of Yamaha 300’s


If your looking for a set of triplets I have been running trips on the Prima Donna, she’s a 36 Yellowfin powered with Yamaha 300’s


Started opening day of snapper season on a brand new 43 Everglades, if you’re looking for quads here ya go, she is available for select charters!

Offshore has been great when the weather has allowed us to get out there.   All of the pics below are from this season, it’s been a blast so far and will continue to improve as the water warms up!


Red Snapper on the SPEARCAT


Light tackle Red Snapper on the Prima Donna


Tiffany on the trout rod catching dinner sized Red Snapper, Nutritious and Delicious!


That smile says it all, YAAY Tiff!


Here’s Laura with a nice Red Snapper caught aboard the Prima Donna!

We have also taken advantage of the water warming up to jump in and shoot some fish, check these out.


Dive trip on the Royalties


My personal best Lionfish, I named him Dinner!


Here’s my good friend Joe with a Warsaw Grouper, pretty work!


Y’all know how much I like to cook so when the wind has been blowing we make the best of it!

Jesus Loves Fishermen t-shirts have taken up a lot of my time as well.  Thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul for your support as we grow this idea!  It is so cool seeing the shirts around town and pics online.

Thank you also for your patience with the online store and website, I am better at catching fish lol!  If you are interested in a shirt please just contact me and I will personally take care of it.


A look at the Captshayne.com, Jesus Loves Fishermen and Born to Fish shirts


Here’s the new Jesus Loves Saltwater Fishermen shirt, I am also using the left over vinyl to make some koozies


I have to give LOVE to my Beautiful Sister, she is one of my biggest supporters so we put the first Captshayne.com sticker on her Jeep!


Here’s me being silly (I left it blurry so you can’s see my gut as bad LOL!!!!)

I’d like to wrap up the post with a Thankful heart, I am Blessed to be on this journey!  I often reflect on all the tragedy that has guided my life and can’t help but smile, you don’t have to look hard to see God at work. 

In fact all you need to do is slow down and become aware, His Amazing Grace surrounds us completely.  I am also thankful for your friendship and support, I would not want to imagine life without you in it, YOU MY FRIEND ARE AWESOME!!!


3 thoughts on “Quick look at summertime 2018 in Freeport TX

  1. You are so amazing and inspiring to all of us. I’m beyond grateful to know you and call you family!
    In so many ways you have been a best friend to me over the years, I cannot imagine my life without you in it and words cannot describe how proud I am of your journey, or the powerful impact this adventure has already had on many of our lives! Keep sharing, keep praying and keep loving from the center of who you are!
    Tons of love and blessings your way!

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