Jesus loves fishermen

HI! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our new project “Jesus Loves Fishermen”, as you can imagine we are pretty excited.

To avoid any controversy let me clarify in BOLD that Jesus Loves EVERYONE, not just fishermen, but since we are called to be fishermen and I actually fish for a living I thought it was perfect.

When I searched for the domain and it was available my heart smiled, I knew it was meant to be!!!

I’ve asked a few friends to help me get started, they loved it and jumped on board immediately, after all life is better when you share it with friends!

We are in the very beginning stages so please be patient with us as we explore all the possibilities ahead.  We are currently working on a website where items can be bought online so for now just click here to contact us and I’ll get back with you about your order.

Here’s what we have so far!


My beautiful sister wearing the Jesus Loves Fishermen white t-shirt


Megan and Graham wearing their new shirts

JLF blue.jpeg

Jesus Loves Fisherman white t-shirt.  Logo available on front or back of shirt with blue, red or red glitter “loves”

JLF black blue.jpeg

Jesus Loves Fisherman black t-shirt.  Logo available on front or back of shirt with blue, red or red glitter “loves”


Boys limited edition long sleeve


Girls white shirt with glitter


White long sleeve performance fishing shirt, black also available


JoJo wearing the black t-shirt with red “loves” in glitter

CaptShayne hook.jpeg

This is the small logo that goes on pocket or neck of shirt

Please check back often and share as we continue to create and work on this!  If you are interested in pre-ordering a shirt please contact us and leave me your info, someone will get back with you quickly!  We also welcome any ideas you may have for shirts, after all we are on this creative journey called life together!!!

Thanks for your support and Love, y’all are AWESOME 🙂

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