so far this summer on the royalties!

The weather here in Freeport, TX hasn’t exactly cooperated with smooth seas and light wind so we have only gotten a couple of trips in this summer!  As I am writing this post we have our first disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico (Cindy), she has the wind blowing about 30 knots here at the marina so I decided to spend a little time and post a short blog for y’all.

The boat spent some time at Baron’s Marine Ways for routine maintenance before we started the season and Baumann Propellers did a great job on the wheels like always!

I won’t kill ya with small talk so on to some pictures!!!


That’s a BIG lift at Baron’s Marine Ways!



Excellent customer service from our friends at Baumann, thanks for the gear!


JOJO and I getting the Royalties all cleaned up and ready to go… if ya can’t enjoy your work then why do it!?!


Nice and shiny!

This video was shot at 80′ on a wreck that has only been sunk 4 months at time of video, you can clearly see the amount of Red Snapper.  The fish followed us up to 15′ for the safety stop!


My dive buddy and I had a good hunt for day 2 of snapper season!

This is a Lionfish, they are an invasive species to our waters here.


Love the Texas sunset offshore!


Sunset at Freeport Marina


Mangrove Snapper, they are tasty!


Ernie shot a nice Cubera Snapper (110lbs)


Big guy had some teeth!


Michael sent this to me, nice Ling he got on the same trip!


Cool shot I got of the sunset the day before the storm came in!

Thanks for visiting the page!  I’ll continue to update when I can with fishing pics.  I will not be doing any walks until this fall when it cools down a bit but I am excited to get started again.

We have started a weekly meeting on Mondays at 7pm.  Our friend Capt Ken here in Freeport has allowed us to use his place so if your’re looking for good food, friends and conversation please join us!


Mondays 7pm at Capt Ken’s

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