headed to college station

The Pilgrimage continues as I gear up to walk across Texas!  So far there have been smaller walks supporting charities in the Houston area that have been very successful but the time has come to venture a little further.  Next up I’ll be walking from Conroe to College Station.  It will be a nice route straight down 105 West to Hwy 6 North.

This will be the first walk that is an extended distance at just under 60 miles and hopefully I will get to enjoy the late spring weather and wildflowers.  Fortunately, I have friends and family along the way that will allow me a place to sleep and eat so that will not be an issue.

I am still being asked the same general questions of why I’m walking and how I can be helped.  I’ll continue to give the same answers until something changes.

I am walking in hopes to start conversations with people regarding what they are passionate about, what injustices they are opposed to and how we can be inspired to take action.  I am also interested in learning how to creatively love my neighbor as myself and putting that into action!


Of course, I will take all the support and encouragement that is offered.  YOU CAN


  •  WALK with me by my side or virtually
  •  RAISE AWARENESS by sharing the story
  •  DONATE or help raise funds for our supported charities
  •  PRAY for our journey


This is still evolving so it’s very exciting to see all the feedback and positive affirmation that you guys are sharing.  It started with just me walking but that only lasted until the story was shared and now so many people have taken ownership, SO AWESOME!  

I believe in each of our individual ways, God is using us to make some cool changes and improvement in our world.


I feel that it’s not said enough so thank you again for being here with us now. There are some really amazing things happening.


When we slow down and look a little deeper at what’s going on right in front of us we can see God at work in every single detail. How cool is that!?!  


Please get involved at whatever capacity you feel. No matter how big or small, your help is important and much appreciated!

Below is a link to my blog post about why I am walking and also to organizations that we support, they are doing their part to make the world a better place!




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